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Of course it is up to you the way your house should look like so it only is possible to give a few examples and ideas. Below you see some examples that shows us how landscaping can upgrade your  entire house lot.
1. Front side of your house Once the house is decorated from the outside (Wall Colours, Windows, Extras can be found HERE) is it time to create a nice entrance for your Sims.
- Use terrain paint to “build” a way from your front door to the sidewalk - Add decorations on the sides of your paths, mix up different kind of bushes, stones and  flowers to make it look inviting - Place a bench into your front yard to chat with neighbors and make new friends - Be sure to always use “dirt” terrain under your plants, so it looks more realistic and natural - Avoid placing huge trees infront of your view. You wont be able to play and see as there will always a tree in your way. Place huge trees in your backyard
2. Backyard/Side of your house - Make sure you always create paths to sitting areas or flowerpots - objects normally don’t stand around on the grass without a way to get there - Use fences or half walls to make little sections: e.g. lounge/crops/barbeque area
3. Garden The garden or backyard probably needs the most effort to be fully decorated. Before starting you should think about what kind of sections you want to build. Do you need an area to party and barbeque with your friends or are you a talented gardener and need most of your space for a large field of crops? This is all up to you! - If you prefer a more natural garden  build a fountain with some plants on it (use bb.moveobjects on). Also add a fence for realistic looks - Do the same to your pool if you prefer a natural pool surounded by grass. If not - just add a wooden terrain around it to make it look modern and classy - Do not forget little realistic things like crop fields or a laundry area with a clothesline and buckets. You will be impressed how much realism it gives  your gameplay (see picture above) - The babeque area could be next to the back door so your Sims have short ways when eating inside. Also make sure you have enough tables around to place the food plates and drinks - Lights! Your Sims need lights and music for incredible outdoor parties! - Add a little fireplace to a place where not too many objects are so your Sims guests all find a place to relax next to the fire
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