When it comes to realistic housebuilding it can be extremely important to keep the following things in mind. In this tutorial we distinguish between two basic floorplans.
1. American Style When choosing the American Style of realistic housebuilding you might have noticed that it is very common for its architecture to enter right into the livingroom instead of a hallway. As soon as you enter you are right in the thick of the action.
1. European Style For European floorplans it is much more common to create a hallway or a little corridor behind the front door which allows access to multiple rooms. Also, the hallway is the perfect room to build stairs to the first floor or a basement.
If you have chosen your favorite style you should keep in mind that you can always combine certain sections/rooms of your house. E.g. Livingroom/Dining/Kitchen It is not always needed to place walls or doors between them. Big open rooms allow a better communication between your Sims. Sometimes it is enough to place a lower (half) wall between sections you want to divide. E.g. Livingroom/Reading Area
1st floor
1st floor
You should have an idea now the way you want your house to look like. No doubt it is up to you to place rooms up to your preference. Yet - to make a building even more realistic - it can be helpful to look at real houses and rooms and mind their location. Here is a list of rooms and where you can usually find them:
To save time during your Sim-Day it is useful to place all the essential objects/rooms on the 1st Floor. That way your Sims wont have to change the floor to have a snack, watch Tv, go to the toilet or to read a book. The last step in creating a realistic house is to not forget the very little important things a household needs.
Tip: Do not forget the little things e.g. a spot for the trash. The trash can usually doesn’t just stand around without a wall or a garage or even a bush. Below you can find a list of additional rooms or sections, that may allow your house to look more realistic.
Basement: Guest Bedrooms Party Room Art/Music Room Workshop Swimming Pool Room Sauna/Wellness Storage Room Laundry
1st Floor: Fireplace Room Library Store Room for Food Big Dining Room for special Occassions Kids Corner Garden/Crops A little corner for family photos
2nd Floor: Kids Corner Sauna/Wellness Bathroom Attic (store room) Own living space with kitchen for Teens Tv Room Balcony with Crops
1st floor
1st floor
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