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Now that we have chosen a floorplan and have a faint idea of what our house should look like it’s time to think about the design.
1. Shapes and Walls Try to be creative when it comes to shape your building. Avoid squared houses - you should always create some little corners e.g. for a Laundry corner to make it look more realistic.  HERE is a list of rooms that will give you an idea of what your corner could constist of. The size of your rooms depends on what kind of house you want to build. Incase you are not building a villa you should not make the rooms too big. It looks more realisitic with smaller rooms filled with interior. The same thought applies to the height of walls. A villa needs huge walls with splendid design while midsize households usually go with the medium or small wall height.
Tip: If you want your house entrance to have stairs - build a foundation!
1. Picking a colour Finding a fitting colour for your walls mostly depend on the style of your house. Same goes for textures. A modern house usually doesn’t have a wood paneling. Below you can see an example of what your house could look like. On the left you can see a house in the early beginnings that is supposed to become a little, cosy, rustic home.  
Modern Home - single colours walls in bright colours Luxurious Home - Brick walls or imposing paneling with stucco Rustic Home - Wood sidings with cheesy extra decoration  
3. Windows and Roofs While placing windows you should never mix up styles of windows that are too different. Try to maintain the same colour and look throughout the entire house. Also notice that you are able to place windows in a higher or lower position into your walls. Depending on the height of your walls, choose the correct height of your windows. Big, tall wall levels with tiny windows will look extremely unrealistic. Also, play around with the roofs. Add multiple shapes of roofs to your house and change its height and width to e.g. build attics. Keep the style of your house in mind. A cosy little rustic home without a pointed roof - but in the shape of a bungalow might seem a bit weird. Yet - if it is a modern wood hut - a bungalow shaped roof looks totally fine.  
Modern Home - flat/bungalow roofs and bright/huge windows Luxurious Home - Huge roofs with lots of different shapes, big windows Rustic Home - pointed roofs, normal sized windows in rustic style  
4. Additional Design The last step to make your building look realisitic is to add some specials extras. Keep the following tips in mind while building your house:  
- Upgrade your house with some columns on your front door
- Put some flowers on the sill of your windows and add decorative balconys
- Don’t forget to decorate the 2nd floor even if it’s unusable and no actual room
- Check out all possibilities the game gives you to decorate your roof. Do not forget a chimney
Tip: When building a 2nd floor - never just copy the 1st floor. Try to create a similar but different shape for the 2nd floor and build usable balconies.
Modern Home - not too edgy, small or medium sized wall levels Luxurious Home - combined/open rooms, imposing entrance halls, high walls Rustic Home - cozy small rooms, small sized wall levels  
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