Sims 3 World Sparkle Oceans “Not too long ago there was discovered a little island among the wide deep ocean. Light years away from other civilizations, people decided to create a new home for all Sims who want to live in peace and harmony: Sparkle Oceans. Kelvin Keller, mayor of Sparkle Oceans, helped to establish this island and promised every Sim to care for them as long as he lives. But with the rise of wealth and comfort, even the modest Sims become greedy. Will Kelvin Keller be able to satisfy the residents of Sparkle Oceans any longer?” May I introduce? Kelvin Keller, Mayor of Sparkle Oceans “Future residents of Sparkle Oceans, let me introduce this little Island to you. Sparkle Oceans, the most exciting little town among the ocean. This is our beautiful Island and we have everything your heart desires! You love the countryside? Are you enjoying it to watch wild horses and deceitful raccoons? No problem! Mrs. Hops, our lovely school director of Sparkle Oceans, will be there for you. She lately moved to the Ranch Street and is super happy. Doesn’t that look comfy? Well, if you just fell asleep by thinking of a life on the countryside, erm, like me, and if you prefer a more – let’s say – modern, stylish way of life next to the beach, then I have something for you! Screw the hopping deers and move to the Sun Street Area. Maybe you will be my new neighbor? Of course, we have several other locations for you to move. For expample an apartment in the wonderful little Town near our Town Park – which we, if i may mention, decorate each season. Yes, only for you! Or maybe you prefer a loft in the Downtown of Sparkle Oceans? It is up to you! You will love it once you moved here. May i give you some advises? The market of Sparkle Oceans is so stunning. A grocery store, book store and even a spa! Also, try the Bistro at the end of the street. It is said to be delicious there. Maybe you can tell me about it some time during the Halloween feast? Oh, i almost forgot: We have incredible hiking paths on our little Island. You can climb the Waterfall Hill or even hop through the forest while jogging! I want to mention the path signs we built up, so you everyone will find back home again you know, unlike…uh…erm, sorry. Just forget about it. Also, please don’t worry about the supply. We are well prepared! Have a look at our wonderful indsutrial area. So clean and productive. I am sure you will find a job here. And if not, there are still some spots open for the local supermarket, right? You don’t even have to worry about your afterlife. We, from Sparkle Oceans, have 2 graveyards. One is in the beautiful garden at the church for spiritual sims. And the other one is in the little swamp forest. I am sure your loved-ones will find peace there. Then again, we had some trouble with the Town-Lamas. But we set up some signs. We should be good now, don’t you think? To be honest. We need your help. Rumors tell the story of criminals who try to break into our houses. We don’t accept this and have to do something against it. The local police station is looking for all volunteers. Tell me, can I count on you? Let me tell you something about Family Jones, my beloved neighbors. Great family, really. But they are having a hard time. The Twins have lost their beloved father and Mrs. Jones her husband about not too long ago. He disappeared. Never came back. He used to be a great  researcher and explorer and wanted to reveal the secret of Sparkle Oceans. Yes, a secret. It is said that a very long time ago a pharao was buried somewhere on this island in a tomb with a huge treasure. Sadly, Jimmy Jones never came back from his expedition. And until today we weren’t able to find him. Say, you are not a professional explorer, are you? No? Oh well, it would have been too great to be true. Who knows when we all know what’s behind this secret? Well, dear future residents of Sparkle Oceans (some people still call it Sparkle Islands, the name was used long before my time as mayor), i cannot wait for you to move to my lovely Town. Soon you are part of this wonderful little island! I’ll see you soon! Yours, Kelvin Keller!”
This world was created without CC, so you can decide yourself what kind of downloads you want to have in this game. Only the Rabbithole Rug for Stellars Observatory is needed to make the Observatory work and can be found here: CLICK
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