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Tereza Knight Tisha Malou
Master Chef - Foodie - Squeamish - Perfectionist Tisha is a fantastic cook and always tries to be perfect in any way. While she enjoys giving dinner parties and spending time with her friends and neighbours, she isn’t too much into outdoors. If you see someone screaming because of a tiny spider - it probably is Tisha.
CC used: Basis 2.0 F S-Club WM & LL Click Hair by Stealthic Click
Zoé Roux
Outdoor Enthusiast - Loves Outdoors - Bro - Cheerful Zoe is a young, beautiful woman who enjoys life to its fullest. You rather find her playing football with her bro’s than caring about the latest nail polish collection. Yet she is extremely friendly and you will love to have her as your neighbour.
CC used: Cleotopia HQ Realistic Skintone Version 1 Click Simista’s retextured hair of Ela/Newsea Click
Mansion Baron - Materialistic - Ambitious - Art Lover This gorgeus young lady is well known for her ambition. She knows what she wants and mostly - gets it. She is a hard-working and determined person who loves the smell of money. Why don’t you invite her over into your neighborhood and have some snobby dinner parties?
CC used: M.I.L.K. Skin: Divine Click Simista’s retextured hair of Ela/Newsea Click
Mary Kay Louis
Nerd Brain - Hyperactive - Ambitious - Genius Mary Kay Louis is a very shining, friendly person with a passion for any kind of knowledge. Due to her extremely bright attitude she loves babbling all day long aboout - almost everything. Yet she is very smart and can fix anything in a second. You will love having her as your neighbor.
CC used: Stealthic: Vanity Click SClub WMLL Asian 1.0. Click
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