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100 follower special
xMisakixSims has reached 100 followers on Twitter. We say thank you!  Get your own Wall Sticker with any name you desire!  All Tattoos come in small shape. You can scale them ingame with the scale cheat
Your name on a Sims 4 Wall Tattoo!
This is how it works:
Choose from 1 of 3 templates:
 Blank Name     Flower     Branch
It is also possible to add a second name or word
Once you have chosen your template -> send me a private message via twitter which name or words you want us to create for you. We will add your Wall Tattoo on this site once it is created. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so we can notify you when it is ready to download.
Wall Tattos requests of our Sims 4 Fans:
Templates from above
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